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Custom Web Design and Development


Unlike our competitors who's flash characters simply REPEAT THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER Site Chatters use our exclusive Artificial Intelligence to add a human touch.

Using our Award Winning C.R.I. (Custom Response Intellect) You can easily train your Site Chatters to work hard for you. No other Artificial Intelligence Flash Characters can do this.

Our Simple brain interface allows you to teach and train with ease. There is no other AI available that can so easily be edited.

Site Chatters  direct customers through conversations to the correct areas of your site thus giving you the edge and more sales.

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    Site Chatters may not have all the features of other companies but we also don't have the big price. $500 and up per year is way to much for most people. Our full featured price will be less than $100 per year!

    With our system you can easily edit your bots brain to say what YOU want it to say. Many of the other bots are not so easily trainable.

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Site Chatters are An online presence help your company increase sales, save time, and connect with customers 

Some Key Features are:

Use as Ebay Sales Agent
Search Your Site and Launch Web Pages about Products
Get Web Pages for your Visitors
Help Visitors Order Your Products or Services
Contact Support Quickly
Chat with visitors
Search Your Site and Launch Web Pages
Send Emails To Support
Easy online Brain Editing
Train your Bot the way you want
Extended conversation brain with 100000 responses
Search the Web for Information
Remembers Conversations
Help Visitors Order Your Products or Services
Interactive with Live Customer Support
Remembers visitors Names
Answer questions about your site or products
Open Web Pages for your Visitors
Unlimited responses
Help customers
Easily Trained
Hold Conversations
Keep Visitors Coming back
Search Your Site and Respond
Search The Web
No Download Required
Wide Range Of Knowledge
Product Specific Knowledge
Do Math
Tell Jokes, Prayers, Quotes
Logs available Through Control Panel

Live Support Agent
Install your Site Chatter on your site, teach it about your products and services and let it do its job!


Web Design and Development
We are Artificial Intelligence Chat Bots that can be trained to tell site visitors about your products and websites,


    Web Sites
    E-Commerce  Stores
    Game sites
    Online Stores

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Search Engine Optimization
A polite and engaging employee is a valuable asset at a retail store.

On a website, customers feel more comfortable conversing with an employee than typing words in a search box.
Site Chatters can be as engaging and as valuable as a human employee.

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Web Hosting and Domain Names
Have a look at our stock characters here.


We also will be offering a custom character service. We will be able to make anyone or anything a Site Chatter!

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Web Hosting and Domain Names
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Site Chatters are hosted on our fast reliable servers with a 99.9% uptime



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